Results from Heart Echo

We just got back from a childrens heart specialist today and after checking out the baby’s heart for about 45 minutes the Dr. said that as far as he could tell our baby most likely does have heart defects. Our baby has been in a breech back to us position for most of this pregnancy making getting good shots of anything difficult, so he said that could it be that he’s not seeing everything and that the baby’s position or the omphalocele is blocking the view. But in His professional opinion the baby probably does have serious heart issues.

So…. We learned that apart from all this being a result of Trisomy 13 or 18 and if we’re dealing with just the heart issue and the omphalocele then the baby will have to have the surgery to fix the omphalocele first and if the baby makes it through that surgery then he or she would have to have heart surgery as well. We won’t know the extent of the heart issues till birth and we won’t know the Trisomy issue till then either. So all we can do now is pray that this baby keeps on living till it’s given the opportunity to be diagnosed fully and then the mercy to live through whatever the case.

Doctors keep saying how it gets harder to go through if the baby makes it to full term and then we lose it. But I can’t imagine not wanting my baby to live to it’s due date and then to hope we get whatever amount of time we can with that precious life. So please know we are praying to that end…. even if it is harder to go through at this point it’s going to be hard no matter what and call me selfish but I want my baby to live for as long as I can have him or her.

We can really feel everyone’s prayers in our hearts. We have really been clinging to the words of the Psalms and the words to music. I so thank the Lord for songs which declare good solid theology! it’s so hope giving!

We have two Dr.’s Appointments next week and we will fully transfer care to the specialist out of Duke. Then in a month we’ll go have another Heart echo on the baby. So until then…. We’ll just keep hoping, singing, weeping, praying, living.

Thank you for all your sweet comments and scriptures and prayers! keep them coming, we might need you all for a long time coming.

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