Quick Update

We have an appointment with a new genetic counselor and another level two ultrasound at UNC tomorrow morning at 8:00am. This is a totally new team of Dr.’s that we will be seeing so we will probably have to hear a lot of the same things we’ve already been told but hopefully they will hear us out and be able to come to some ways of thinking and acting that will take into consideration the medical facts but honor us as this child’s parents. Dan and I are both amazed that we were able to get in first thing tomorrow. The nurse was saying at first that it was highly unlikely that we would even be able to get in at all this weekend. Thanks for praying! I have no doubt that God is at work here.
So, we still have the OB appointment this afternoon and then off we go to the 3 Dr’s offices to sign to get our medical forms faxed over to UNC!

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