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Many of you have requested our mailing address to send encouraging words to. And I have already started a wall in the nursery of the cards that have been written! I can’t wait for our baby to hopefully be able to see this wall of words of scripture and love that have been prayed for and spoken on his or her behalf!

We have also found that although scripture is so full of hopegiving words, we have had to really pull out and meditate on specific ones during certain times, so it’s nice to have them in written paper form posted all over our home! I hope that over the next three months our knowledge of so many passages will deepen and effect our hearts in ways that can only be credited to it’s Author!

If you would like our mailing address please email us at the below emails and we’d be glad to provide that for you!


And just to update: We have our next two Dr. Appointments next week and that will be just to clarify what the next few months look like.
For now a specific request would be that:
* the baby would rotate or turn so that the ultrasounds would show the Dr.’s a little more information concerning the heart.
* my stomach has very literally been upset and hasn’t dealt well with anything I eat all week and I know it’s from just everything going on but it hasn’t let up yet and I’d really love for it to calm down.

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