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Well, This is going to be quite the post. I really just want to share what is going on with baby Chappell and ask for prayers from all who will read this. Later I’m sure this will be a place where I will share my and Dan’s emotions and prayers and tears and joys! For now, I’ll try to stick to the facts as we know them.

We had gone to a 3D ultrasound place to have an ultrasound to try to find out the sex of this baby. So far all our attempts from previous ultrasounds haven’t been successful but they had always said that the baby was curled up and just not wanting us to know. The heartbeat has always been strong and we’ve seen movement each time which of course always made my heart just swell with love. I’m a mommy. It still doesn’t feel like I’m old enough, wise enough, godly enough to be given the responsibility to raise a child in the way of the Lord. But I love that I have so many women who have become mommies that constantly show me how God is using their little ones to refine them into the women God wants them to be. I have prayed for that from the beginning, That God would use this child to help make me into the Godly woman that I’ve longed to be.

We weren’t able to find out the gender of the baby so of course we were bummed… I so want to know what to call this baby! And it was pretty obvious that our ultrasound lady wasn’t liking what she was seeing… I thought it was because she couldn’t see anything, but Dan knew that she was seeing something and she didn’t like it. So, his fears were realized when our Dr. called the next day saying they were scheduling us a level two ultrasound at a perinatal specialist the next day. (which was yesterday Monday the 9th) So we went yesterday and my hopes were high, I still just was hoping they would finally tell us to go out and buy pink or blue.

So they did a very long ultrasound and checked everything out, and I’ll never forget the words the Dr. said when he said your baby does for sure have an omphalocele . Dan and I had both seen a Discovery Health Special Delivery episode where a baby had been born with this So we knew what it was. **The baby’s intestines and several organs are growing on the outside of its abdomen. We knew it was operatable, and that it was serious and our baby would have to have surgery right after it was delivered via c-section and that it would have an intense recovery at the hospital. But we also knew that there was associated dangers with this Omphalocele that surgery wouldn’t be able to fix.

The Dr. also told us that the baby was measuring at only 24 weeks and I’m 28 weeks pregnant.
Also, he noticed curvature of the spine and those things both point to chromesonal disorders such as
Trisomy 18. This is almost always fatal to the baby. The Dr. said that with the information he has the future looks pretty bad for our baby. But he hopes he’s wrong.

Though the Dr. encouraged us to have an Ammiointecis to know for sure if this baby has Trisomy 18 and though we would like to know for sure and maybe we will closer to the time of my due date, the reasonings he gave us for knowing this early really didn’t sit well with me. Such as if the baby does have the Trisomy 18
then he wouldn’t see the point in monitering us closely as he would if the baby didn’t. I really
didn’t think that aligns with my ethics at this point. I think my baby should be monitered and celebrated
right now as if it’s going to live regardless. And due to the slight risk of the Amnio putting me into labor prematurely we really feel that having one done right now would not be worth it. The Dr. will continue to closely monitor me and the baby. And I think I”ll probably have to have appointments weekly from this point on.

Dan and I both would really like to know some answers and we would love to know if the baby is a boy or girl because I would really love to pray for him/her by name. But for now we are going to be just having a heart echo that will tell us if our baby has any heart defects. (already I hate that word defect, it sounds so manufactered and not personal.) So we’ll have that appointment tomorrow.

I told Dan yesterday that I don’t feel strong enough emotionally and especially spiritually to walk the road we’re being led to walk down. I guess no one would. I know that we have to trust in a Hand of a Good God that has only our best in mind. It’s hard to understand and it’s hard to even trust this big Hand that created this child inside me that I”m being told is probably not going to live more than a few hours or days. But He is Big and He is Good. I know that, Dan knows that. But now we are being called to Live that day by day in a very real and hard way.

Please be praying for us as we face the facts but lean on faith. We need the prayers of the Children of God on our behalf. I’m going to ask that each of you stay updated on things by checking this blog, my email inbox gets so swamped that I think this will be much easier to manage. I will try to post as often as I can. So walk down this path with us and hold our hands even if you are miles away. Most of all Pray to the Creator of this little life and Celebrate with us no matter what, the life of our firstborn child!

This was taken at my sister’s wedding a few weeks ago! This baby is blessed to have such a huge amount of aunts and uncles and friends that will be praying for him or her.

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