Ultrasound Frustrations!

Our first ultrasound had us spoiled rotten. We went in to see how far along we were and we were 6 Weeks! The technician let us hear the heartbeat and we were so excited. *First time mom’s to be….internal ultrasounds aren’t a ton of fun but it’s amazing what they are able to see and learn about the baby so early on!

The following ultrasounds done at a different office however, have proved to be not very enlightening. I think the machine might be older or something but we haven’t had any great images of baby chappell. And to make things more frustrating baby chappell seemingly loves to stay cuddled up near the bottom of it’s uterine home!
Which has made it almost impossible to see what’s between it’s little legs. So, we’re now at 20 weeks and still referring to baby as it. Dan is about to DIE from wanting to know so badly.

So, since photos are SO important to me we decided to splurge and go to Prenatal Peek next Saturday and get some images of Baby and hopefully get him/her to give us the grand reveal! So, I’ll keep you updated once we go and hopefully be able to introduce our little one by his/her name!

* funny story about ultrasound pic’s. You see I’m about one of 14 women at my church Treasuring Christ Church in Raleigh who will be having a baby this year. To quote my pastor “we are passionate about passionate marriages!” :o) so it’s very common to be looking at the most recent ultrasound pictures of my fellow pregnant friends. I was looking at a friend of mine’s photos (which were amazing in detail!) and one of our deacons came up from behind me looking at them and then commented… “yep, it looks just like Dan!” not realizing that it wasn’t my baby! We all had a great laugh followed by so many funny comments!

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