Merry Christmas! We’re Having a Baby!

Well, Here is the beginning of the story. I was preparing to have knee surgery in January and so we didn’t plan on starting a family just yet. But as always we knew that whenever that moment that ultimately God would begin our family of 3 we would be totally beyond happy! And we were.

I had had sneaking suspicions that I might be pregnant on the morning of Christmas Eve. So I had a pregnancy test and took it and knew pretty soon that I was an expectant mother! I quickly decided that it was too good of a surprise not to surprise Dan on Christmas morning. Plus with all the festivities on Christmas eve we wouldn’t have had the time to really celebrate the moment.

so I ran to target to pick up “one last little present” for Dan.

That night I really just enjoyed pondering the first feelings of having a life inside of me.

The next morning after we opened everything there was one final gift for Dan and he opened the christmas box and pulled out this little stocking. He was a little confused but still curious….


He pulled this out of the stocking and it read “I love daddy” He was so stunned and speechless… then tears of joy followed by a full day of sheer excitement as we called our families! It was a perfect Christmas!


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